The last thing we want is for your website to become stale. Your website will be an important part of your marketing – the website address will be on all your business stationery and literature. It will be your shop window to the world – literally! Streamline Web Design provide a fully comprehensive support package to keep your website up to date.

It is most important is to keep your website up-to-date and looking fresh. We’ve all seen the sites that were last updated a couple of years ago and have obviously out of date information on them – that does nothing for the credibility of the business.

So we will update your site as often as you wish to include new products, new services, new photos, new menus, latest news. Your customers will then be encouraged to visit your website regularly and you can be assured that they will always see fresh material.

The search engines very much like to see websites that have been regularly updated so you will be helping your website ranking by keeping it up to date.

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