Initial Search Engine Optimisation – included in website purchase package

As part of our standard service we will make your website “search engine friendly” so that the search engines will crawl your website as part of their normal internet scanning procedures. Your site will almost certainly be indexed straight away by the search engines. But it might take a number of weeks or months to get your site to rank higher in the indexes.

There is increasing competition to be listed high in the search engine rankings and there can be no guarantees offered to any one website unless an SEO plan is put in place that involves regular updates to achieve better or specific results.

Advanced Search Engine Optimisation – additional charges apply

Streamline Web Design will research what people actually search for when they are looking for your products or services.

We analyse your competition identifying the best words and phrases for your website to be listed under. These are the words and phrases that will bring you the most relevant traffic and depending on the words chosen, our objective is to get your site onto the first page of the major search engines. Your website will be modified if necessary to make best use of the chosen words and submitted regularly to all the major search engines.

The search engines take great care to ensure that they are not misled by deliberately misleading or inaccurate submissions by website owners or unethical search engine consultants. Any attempt to mislead a search engine can lead to a website being permanently blacklisted. So we take all possible care to keep up with the ever changing search engine rules so that your website is not compromised.

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