Running a complex website requires more than just a simple server and some bandwidth. We use one of the best CMS hosts to provide a flexible infrastructure able to accommodate your application hosting requirements and any sudden bandwidth bursts caused by an increase in traffic.

Our hosting set-up offers clients excellent potential for current and future growth, especially for sites that are interactive and rich in content / media.

All our servers are hosted in our UK data centres, utilising the latest technologies to give you super-fast, super-reliable, and super-secure hosting.

We run, as standard, a Managed Hosting Solution for Content Managed System (CMS) sites. CMS style sites shouldn’t just be designed and then left.

WordPress can be viewed as the infrastructure of an office block – the steel frame, windows, concrete used – the plugins can be seen as the various companies that might occupy the office block all doing different jobs and offering various services within the building.

Updates to WordPress, themes and plugins are sent out as and when needed. This can be due to ongoing developments, additional features through to security updates to patch loopholes that have been identified. So it is important to have your site looked after.

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