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"The number of platforms that need to work with your site grows - responsive web design caters for this." Anon

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You don’t need to be a computer programmer to maintain your own website.* Our Content Management System is an easy to use interface that you can access through your web browser.

Access anywhere

As long as you have a computer with access to the Internet and access to your site through a username and a password you can work with your website from your office or your sofa. That way you can edit your site as quickly as you wish. Work whenever and wherever you prefer.


All your partners/employees can add contributions to your website…you choose who does what.

File handling

In your website you can handle and work with all kinds of files and publish them on your website. PDFs, images, movies and documents are among the files that can be handled.

Integrated search engine

The integrated search engine can search and find all your content. You can use full text search and the advanced search engine can also use logical operator such as AND/OR and phrase search.

Online WYSIWYG editor

Simplified content editing…discover the online editor. Making headers, bold or italic text, tables, links or adding pictures has never been easier. The online editor is a plug-in that when installed will be a part of your admin interface. The program will be available for all users of your your website administration site.

Search engine compatibility

Your CMS website is built to be indexed in the best possible way and is compatible with all search engines on the web.

* But not unfortunately on a tablet or mobile.

But if you would rather spend your time focused on the business or you're not that computer orientated then we are more than happy to look after your site for you. Contact us for more details.