"High performance hosting with dedicated resources and 99.99% uptime - this is the hosting your website deserves." Heart

hosting.jpgRunning a complex website requires more than just a simple server and some bandwidth. We use Heart Internet one of the best CMS hosts to provide a flexible infrastructure able to accommodate your application hosting requirements and any sudden bandwidth bursts caused by an increase in traffic.

Our hosting set-up offers clients excellent potential for current and future growth, especially for sites that are interactive and rich in content / media.

All our servers are hosted in our UK data centres, utilising the latest technologies to give you super-fast, super-reliable, and super-secure hosting.

  • Purpose-built data centre we own and manage

  • 24×7 security and support teams on hand

  • 10GB/s network with direct access to LINX


Managed web hosting system


We run, as standard, a Managed Hosting Solution for Content Managed System (CMS) sites. CMS style sites shouldn't just be designed and then left. They are made up from the CMS structure, a content theme and the functionality from various plugins. All these need regular updating and tweaking. If this is not done then there is a very good chance your site will be hacked.

“The overwhelming vast majority of security compromises and hacking incidents – nearly 80% – are the result of outdated software and/or password exploits – that is, they’re due to either a weak username/password combo, or due to a vulnerability that the site admins failed to patch or fix in time, not an inherent flaw in the software itself.

Put simply, the easiest and most common points of entry into a website for a hacker will always be via a username/password access exploit or an outdated plugin, and this will hold equally true for any CMS, not just WordPress. You need to keep the software that powers your website as updated as humanly possible. This is why one of the core features of Wordfence is its alerts, which let you know the moment that an update your site becomes available, so that you can easily stay on top of keeping your site patched and current.”

Wordfence security